Any Image Downloader

Any Image Downloader 1.0

Any Image Downloader is a browser makes easier to download images from websites

Any Image Downloader is a browser add-on that makes easier to download images from websites.
This program will add a new option to the context menu that will appear when you click on an image while browsing the web, using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera or Safari. Right now, this program does not work with Mozilla Firefox, but the author says that a Firefox version is being developed. The extra option ("Any image downloader") will launch this add-on when selected, showing you the program´s main window. If you selected several images before right-clicking your mouse, the program will show an icon for each image selected. You can then filter the selected images according to the image size, or format (JPG, GIF, PNG or TIF), and batch save them into the folder that you specify, in your hard or floppy drives. This add-on performs a smart download using a technique called 'multipart download', that speeds up the download process up to 400%. Once the download process is completes, the user can find the saved images by clicking 'Open folder'.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free
  • It eases the image download process


  • It does not work with Firefox or BMP images
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